NEWS JUST IN! Pikes peak will host our first Colorado showing specimens that we are marketing for Bill Stone, founder of The Sunnywood Collection, source of the world's best custom bases! Bill was a geologist and became a serious collection of choice specimens. His woodworking hobby led to base making. The business continues, but Bill has retired and is passing his fine pieces along to the next generation of collectors.

                                    Some are shown below, all on Sunnywood bases, of course! 

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Thanks to those of you who visited our venues in Tucson at the Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery and Mineral City.

We missed some of our regulars who stayed away this year and hope to see you in 2024. We understand that travel is expensive, but Tucson is worth whatever it takes! The Pegmatites displays at the Convention Center were amazing. We enjoyed meeting a lot of new customers for our specimens and lab work. 

​I subscribe to the free Roskin Gem News Reports, ( that you might also enjoy. The latest version had a nice discussion of the value of "trade shows". It stressed that although there are good things on the internet (and I would add, seen with traveling dealers), there is nothing like attending shows to get the vibe of what is new, what it costs, and who is the source. Socializing is important. Finding the dealer who shares your taste and learning that many booths have similar items, but at widely varying prices, is really important to educated collectors. Attend shows, visit fun cities, and make new mineral friends!

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The Pikes Peak Gem Mineral & Jewelry Show, June 7-9,

Colorado Springs, CO

This is my Hometown (almost) Show. They've been doing this for 60 years, so they have it right! Since it is so close to our Monument office, we fill the booth with bargains that we take nowhere else. We also show off some of our very best specimens shown below. This show features many Colorado collectors showing the results of their prospecting during the year. The venue is very nice with free parking and the food concession one of the best.

         Thanks to those of you who attended and helped us make the Spring Colorado Mineral and Fossil show the best ever! 

            After many years at the Crowne Plaza hotel, this show must move,     because the hotel has been sold and will be re-purposed, this was the last minerals how to be held here. The September show that has been held here for many years will continue at the MarriottTech Center at the Junction of I-25 and I-225 in south Denver.  The April show will move to the National Western Stockyard Complex on I-70 a few miles west of I-25.

This was the second year of special events at the Gallery, first in Spring and another in Autumn. Think of them as symposia. In addition to lectures and social events, The Crystal Classic room and several others, including Graeber & Himes (see above), were open for shopping between lectures. Because the Plano, TX show is the following weekend, Cal Graeber was in charge of our room, as I loaded for the drive to Texas. On view will be Southwestern, USA and worldwide specimens priced from $100 to many thousands. If you can attend, you are certain to have a fun time during another chance to visit Tucson. Our current displays feature worldwide affordable amethysts & USA and Mexican crystals. If you couldn't make the event, you can still shop in our room year-round. Just visit the Crystal Classics room across the hall and ask to se our room. Th CC staff will handle your purchase.

We have no summer shows, the next is Hardrock in Denver in September

We welcome appointments for showroom visits in Colorado when we are at home. 

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We remind you that the Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery is open from 10 AM until 4 PM Monday through Friday during the year.