Leonard Himes     Dealer in Fine Mineral Specimens

I encourage you to become members of the Friends of the Geology Museum of the Colorado School of Mines  one of our area's real treasures. The Friends sponsor monthly  lectures, field trips, and special events.

‚ÄčI'll be posting Tucson reports here during the shows. Stay tuned.

         We all talk about the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase (the Chamber of Commerce's official name of the craziness) as amazing, and for good reason. We have done a lot of shows in a lot of towns over the decades, but no place appreciates the shows as much as the City of Tucson. There is a good reason for that too, Tucson businesses and tax collectors profit mightily from the mineral gem and fossil tourism; according to BizTucson, the regional business magazine, the 2014 event (the latest I have figures for) generated $120 Million in direct spending by visitors and dealers and $10.7 million in sales tax collections. We pack the hotels and restaurants and dealers spend huge amounts for storage facilities and support items. I've purchased business supplies, carpet, lighting and display equipment, car tires, batteries, and repairs and I'm sure I am not alone. I understand that the show weeks account for 20% of the annual  hospitality business income! I have also attended concerts and opera performances and enjoyed many tourist attractions. Tucson is like a second home; I calculate that I have lived there an accumulated four years, at least, without ever being a resident. So it was particularly nice when I saw the following cartoon on the editorial page of the Tucson Daily Star, the city's best newspaper this year.

This page features Show Reports, Travel Notes, and other Items of Interest as they strike my fancy.