This year's bad news is that construction is under way on the previously empty lot at the Inn Suites (Tucson City Center hotel), so parking will be severely limited.

      Marty Zinn has informed me that he has rented a nearby lot for his dealers to park on thus providing significant parking at the hotel. That is, if the dealers actually cooperate!

      Parking on the nearby streets is limited to 1 or 2 hour limits except on weekends.

​      I have also learned from Marus Origlieri that his Tucson's New Mineral Show was required to move to a nearby venue, I've heard it is a tent, but that is not confirmed. The former location is being torn down. The address is 1102 West Grant Road, Tucson, Arizona 85705, that's a few blocks west of the Grant and Oracle intersection but still east of I-10.

Coming Soon our erratic reports from Tucson

This page features Show Reports, Travel Notes, and other Items of Interest as they strike my fancy.

We have learned that Diana Weinrich did not survive her latest heart surgery on December 27. Her smile and exuberance will be missed by all who knew her. Dan will participate in his scheduled shows in Tucson.

Fallbrook Museum Theft Update

We are happy to report that some of the stolen minerals have been recovered you may see the latest update by going to Several major pieces have not been found yet.

     The new owner of the hotel has spent a lot upgrading the public areas . See the new lnn Suites (aka Hotel Tucson, City Center) lobby and reception below. We can only hope he does the same with the rooms, which are as needy as ever. There are still plumbing and other problems. But we can hope.

Some of the museums extensive                                        A wonderful Molybdenite                                                                      A mind boggling Autunite

​         collection of NW zeolites                                                   from Washington                                                           from Washington and maybe the world's finest.

Leonard Himes     Dealer in Fine Mineral Specimens