Leonard Himes     Dealer in Fine Mineral Specimens

                                      My Show and Event Schedule


We were pleased to actually have shows in 2021. We held two shows in Tucson in February and April, then went to Conroe, TX (greater Houston) in late April, Frisco, TX (greater Dallas) in July, and Denver and Colorado Springs in September. Thanks to all of you who attended these shows and help make our year a success despite COVID-19. We expect to be at shows Tucson, Colorado Springs, Plano, TX (greater Dallas), and Denver in 2022. We will probably host some open house events at our Monument, CO showroom, too. Between shows we invite you to schedule a private visit to view minerals or just say hello.


Our next shows will be in Tucson starting in late January. We have listings on the XpoPress website for details of our shows.


We will kick off Tucson with an official opening at vastly expanded Mineral City on January 28, but are likely to have the room operational  a few days early. We share a double room (that is now numbered as C15-17) with Cal Graeber, IC Minerals and Geokrazy Minerals.  For easiest access to us, park on Plata Street (one block north of Lester) or our buildings parking lot that is entered from Plata street. Our room will feature high-end minerals, rarities, and probably some wholesale items after he Just Minerals Event closes.  Because we have overlapping shows, I won't always be in the room as Cal and I will alternate between Mineral City (MC) and the Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery (the Gallery). We will only be a few minutes away, so you can call us if you need something special.



















 Our exciting new event is our private room at the brand new in 2022 Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery. It is located in the completely remodeled building (formerly the Tucson Chamber of Commerce building) at the corner of Granada and St. Marys, in front of the former show site at the Inn Suites or Hotel Tucson City Center. The soft opening for this event is on January 28, also with an official grand opening the next week. Cal and I were invited to participates with a rather exclusive group on dealers. Ian Bruce is the show created and wanted to deal with the big shortcoming of Mineral City, namely the lack of a comfortable place for collectors to relax, eat and drink. The landscaped courtyard will provide that with  a catered cafe and bar for your enjoyment. The show runs daily form 10-6 through Feb 13. You will be amazed at the quality minerals available there in a delightedly atmosphere.  This venue is destined to become the meeting place for serious mineral collectors during the Tucson Showcase. 



























 For our third event we  will participate in the Just Minerals & Crystals Event at the Elks Lodge across the street for Mineral City on Oracle with nice specimens at wholesale pricing to all. I'll cover MC while Cal and our helpers will handle the craziness at the Elks Lodge. This is a true wholesale event with a line forming at the door early to see the deals offered by a small group of well-known fine mineral specimen dealers cleaning house and showing new wholesale specimens. The event is short and sweet so that they can participate in their other Tucson events. The Elks' cafe is a great place to have lunch, too. Come join the fun!





















Our fourth show of the Tucson Showcase is the 20th Anniversary edition of the Westward Look Fine Mineral Show at the Westward Look Resort on Ina Road just east of Oracle a few mile north of downtown. Along with many other top dealers, our established Graeber & Himes room 310 will be open for the show. Due to the overlap with the above shows, we will have the room operated by our regular helpers Tim Sherburn and Dana Gochenour (owner of the Cryo-Genie Mine). We will have a modified room, featuring excellent quality affordable specimens that we have had stashed for just such an occasion. They will range from old classics to current production and will make for a worthwhile visit to our room. 

                          Dave Waisman has Special anniversary events planned even a Grateful Dead band! 

                                             Check them out on the show website: FineMineralShow.com














We are sad to say that for the first time in over thirty years, Graeber & Himes will not have a booth at the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in the Tucson Convention Center Feb 10-13.  We just could not handle another venue!

This is the show that  created the Tucson we know and love. Don't miss it. We will find time to attend to see the wonderful exhibits, so you might catch us there drooling over them. It is the Greatest Mineral Show on Earth!

We have listings on the XpoPress website for details of all of our shows. It is the best guide to all that is in Tucson.

Our schedule is now so packed that we will not be able to be at the original Tucson Gem and Mineral Show (TGMS) at the Tucson Convention Center for the first time in decades. We encourage you to support that show, it is as must see event. You might even see us wandering the aisles and enjoying the special exhibits, on our breaks from our selling rooms. TGMS started the Tucson spectacle. It was good for us and will be for you, too. Be sure to attend it now and in the future.


There is more about Tucson shows on my blog page and I'll post more details here as we get closer to the dates.

         Please get vaccinated if you plan to attend shows. Properly worn fabric face masks will be appreciated, in fact  on Dec 22, Pima County, AZ issued a requirement for them at all indoor events. Remember, no vaccine is 100% effective and a booster will make your older vaccination back to full strength. We will provide hand sanitizer and gloves and clean our facilities and cases often. Please cooperate and maintain safe physical distance from other shoppers.​​ Care for one another.

                               Events won't "just happen", they will be planned so they will be safe!
Fortunately, internet activity is busy. I am working on Instagram with Anna Merritt (@Mineral_Nature) who has a well-established site. Please check it out.  My own Instagram address is @LeonardHimes2019, but I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm also posting occasionally on both the TSUMEB  and THUMBNAIL MINERALS groups on Facebook. You can find announcements from me on Facebook too, at www.facebook/leonardhimes.1. 

We host healthy customers in our showroom in Monument during the Summer and Fall. Visits must be scheduled in advance by phone or email. We require face masks if you are not vaccinated and recommend them if you are. No vaccine is 100% effective!  We are happy to show you specimens for sale, accept specimens for lab work, or have a pleasant visit on the deck.  We always accept special order requests by phone or email.

                                                 Enjoy your collection and being able to socialize again.