January 29-31      Just Minerals Event,

 at the Elks Lodge,  1800 North Oracle Road

​      This event is in its third year. A small group of dealers who wanted a short sweet show began it and it has become a must attend event. This year we will have nine excellent dealers in a nice venue with free parking and a very nice cafe. 

      I will be there as Leonard Himes and have a booth filed with high quality minerals, all at half of their regular retail prices or even less. This is a legitimate sale of excess inventory much that was priced years ago. You are sure to find bargains!

Leonard Himes     Dealer in Fine Mineral Specimens

My Show and Event Schedule

My 2018 Show Schedule

February 2-5     The Westward Look Fine Mineral Show 

at the Westward Look Resort,  245 East Ina Road.

​     This is the ultimate collectors' show in town during the showcase, with a limited number of highest quality dealers in a beautiful friendly setting. Don'd look here for beads or fossils, this is a mineral show!

      I'm there as Graeber & Himes with Cal Graeber displaying our highest quality specimens and doing our best to be affordable to a wide range of collectors.

      I expect to attend shows in Tucson, Santa Ana, Colorado Springs, Springfield, and Denver this year. I will post the details in a timely fashion. If you are a show dealer chairperson and think I might be an asset to your show, please let me know.

Tucson 2018

Tucson becomes one huge mineral, gem, and fossil showcase from late January through mid February each year. There are around 50 separate shows opening and closing during that period. We participate in three of those on consecutive weekends. Come early, stay late and see them all.

      I conduct a major portion of my business at the most important shows across the US. Between shows and en route to them, I call on individual collectors. I can also arrange to have private showings for small groups of collectors.

      In addition to shows, I host open house events from time to time and meet with collectors at my office-showroom by appointment.

February 8-11   The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

in the Tucson Convention Center downtown.

      This is the show that started it all and features a huge selection of dealers of all types and the finest private and museum displays anywhere on Earth. If you miss this you miss the greatest show on earth.

      I'll be there again with Cal as Graeber & Himes with the largest display of minerals that we exhibit during the year. We will have something for everyone.

     Our giant booth by the entrance to the food court also features Kreith Graebers  custom jewelry at very affordable prices.