Leonard Himes     Dealer in Fine Mineral Specimens

My Show and Event Schedule

                                    IT WAS A TUCSON LIKE NO OTHER! A history of this year's Tucson shows is shown on my Blog page. 

​           We closed the February unofficial Mineral City Show, but remained in Tucson for vaccinations and some R&R. We then reopened our Just Minerals Event and Mineral City location for the semi-official show inApril. We missed socializing and the amazing Tucson restaurants, but the weather and meeting new collectors made the visit pleasant. We say 'thank you' to the customers, old and new, who made our Tucson show of 2021 a business success and thank them further for respecting the rules for safe shopping. We have had post-show COVID tests and are happy to report they were negative and we are now fully vaccinated. 

​          A high point of our stay in Tucson was the opportunity to visit the  University of Arizona's new Alfie Norville Museum which is now a separate Department in the University and when it opens later this year, will become one of the most impressive mineral and gem museums in the US. I understand that a major Grand Opening is planned there during the 2022 Tucson Show although a soft opening is likely this summer. I can't express how important his facility will be to all collectors and the Tucson scene!!!

          After Tucson we drove to Conroe, Texas for the Mineral and Fossil Show at Lonestar Exposition Center and enjoyed seeing many local collectors. We stopped along the way to visit the Caverns of Sonora and were really impressed by the quality of the cave decorations. We recommend this attraction to you.

                                               So, What's Next?

​         Our regular show in June in Colorado Springs has been rescheduled to October for 2021. We will post more details on that later. 

          We have also accepted an invitation to be dealers as the NEW 
Dallas/Frisco Mineral and Fossil Show on July 16-18,2021 in the Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas Frisco Hotel & Convention Center & Spa at 7600 John Q. Hammons Drive, Frisco, Texas, 75034, USA. Frisco is an upscale suburban area on the north side of metro Dallas. 

Show Hours are Friday-Saturday 10AM-6PM Sunday 10AM-4PM.  We look forward to seeing our customers from Dallas shows in the past. We will have a booth of fine minerals at the front entrance and maybe a few flats of reduced priced high-quality minerals, too. Contact me in advance to request that I bring something you are searching for.

​         The uncertainty of 2020 has spread to 2021. The latest casualty to the pandemic is the Merchandise Mart in Denver. This site of the 
Annual Denver Gem and Mineral Show served other events as well as permanent stalls for wholesalers to various trades. The events were canceled and the merchants saw their business decline and were forced to close. As a result the entire facility is reported to be in bankruptcy and not available for the September show. The building is being  

re-purposed, maybe even torn down and replaced by warehouses. Dealers have been informed that the show was canceled. The show is managed by a Council that consists of representatives from several sponsoring clubs. The Council accepted a generous offer from the management of the Hardrock Summit to join its new mineral and gem event in the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver on September 15-19. See hardrocksummit.com for an overview of this innovative event brought to you by the organizer of the great Munich Shows. There will be a Fine Mineral Show (called Evolution) on one level of the building and another large expo area for the usual fine Exhibits from the show as well as the general merchandise dealers. Across the street in the Sheraton Hotel  there will be a fine jewelry show called Sparkle & Joy and the wholesale trade show by AGTA that was originally scheduled for Tucson.  We will be in Evolution along with other major dealers. Check back for future details

Prior to the Hardrock Summit events, our third annual
 Just Minerals and Crystals Event on Sept 10-13  will be held at Marriott Hotel (Gateway Park) ballroom, a 1-minute drive from the Crowne Plaza home of the Colorado Mineral and Fossil Show. Be had planned to be there last year but moved to the Crowne plaza due to COVID-19 problems. The show has been expanded from seven to thirteen dealers who will offer retail and wholesale specimens, crystals, and gemstones as well as retail fine minerals, too. The Friday September 10 hours are from 2-9 PM to allow the only evening shopping in town particularly so dealers from other shows can show with us. I'll post details as the time nears.

There will also be the large wholesale show at the Coliseum/National Western Complex, so there will be plenty going on in Denver in September.​​ 

We  plan to be alive in 2022 and still be in business, you can count on our venues to have your and our safety in mind. Properly worn fabric face masks are requested. We will provide hand sanitizer and gloves and clean our facilities and cases often. Please cooperate and maintain 6-ft physical distance from other shoppers.​​ Don't forget to get vaccinated.

  Events won't "just happen", they will be planned so they will be safe!

Fortunately, internet activity is busy. I am working on Instagram with Anna Merritt (@Mineral_Nature) who has a well-established site. Please check it out.  My own Instagram address is @LeonardHimes2019, but I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm also posting on both the TSUMEB  and THUMBNAIL MINERALS groups on Facebook. You can find announcements from me on Facebook too, atwww.facebook/leonardhimes.1. 

Due to the Safer-at-Home rules in Colorado, we have stayed in, but we hosted healthy customers in our showroom in Monument during the Summer and Fall. Visits to our showroom are now resumed. We require facemasks if you are not vaccinated and recommend them you are not. No vaccine is 100% effective!  We are happy to show you specimens for sale, accept specimens for lab work, or have a pleasant visit on the deck. Visits must be scheduled in advance by phone or email. We always accept special order requests by phone or email. Enjoy your collection and being able to socialize again.