The Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery, January 28-February 12. The Gallery is at the corner of Granada and St Mary's at the entrance to the former Inn Suites/Hotel Tucson City Center Show. See Gallery images in the Review above. This venue opened for the first time in 2022 under the imaginative leadership of Ian Bruce and quickly became the gathering place for serious collectors. Graeber & Himes have a room with our very finest specimens on display. Cal Graeber will be there full time except during JM&CE (above). Leonard or Linda will be there also, rotating with assignments to our Mineral City room. Come shop the massive Crystal Classics room, Collectors Edge, and other major dealers. Relax in the courtyard with restaurant and bar with your friends.  

The Gallery has daily updates and mini-features on Facebook, just look for Tucson Fine Mineral gallery. I had a surprise interview on Monday Jan 23 that is posted there. It is on the page...I'm a star!! Check it out.

​Note that our own Kerith Graeber will present a January lecture on her fabulous collection of Mexican minerals, some of which are schedule for an exhibit at the Gallery under the giant amethyst geode arches.

The Gallery is much more than just another show in Tucson. Crystal Classics is open year round, as is our room, but with a more general selection of minerals with an emphasis on the American southwest. Watch for announcements of special event "Open Weekends" throughout the year. They include lectures, field trips, dinners and most of all, FUN.

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Showcase, as the Chamber of Commerce calls it, is the world's largest gem, mineral, jewelry and fossil event. We are involved in several venues, some overlapping. For the first time in decades, we are not at Westward Look, which is now a greatly diminished event, using only the three lower buildings, but still with some major dealers. We withdrew from the main show at the Convention Center last year and miss it, but it was just more than we could handle. We will be fully open during TGMS, at our two nearby retail venues, Mineral City and the Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery. Details are below.

Mineral City,  January 26-​February 11 We will be open in our spacious room #17 in Building C of Mineral City, where we have been with IC Minerals and Geokrazy for several years. Note that our opening precedes the official opening date. For the first three days we will open afternoon to be able to handle our other venues , too. We will post our hours for the two week period, showing late openings on slower weekdays to allow our people to get our and see the rest of the shows and shop for new arrivals. Our newly rearranged room will feature top quality specimens from all three dealers, as well as an abundance thumbnail minerals in all price ranges. We will feature worldwide silver specimens, too. We will also have a limited selection of individual wholesale (keystone) fine minerals.

                                            Our location is nearest to abundant parking on Plata street.

Gallery entrance gate from Granada.            The Courtyard cafe & social area.                       The Gallery building entrance.

Leonard Himes     Dealer in Fine Mineral Specimens

Later  this Spring, we will be at the Dallas (Plano) TX , and the Colorado Springs (Pikes Peak ), CO shows and will post details here.

We welcome appointments for showroom visits in Colorado when we are at home.

Follow us on Facebook, too at   www.facebook/leonardhimes.1

The new signs at the Gallery went up this week! You can't miss it now!

   Next Up

       Our Mineral City Room, newly configured, shared with Geokrazy and IC Minerals. Now open daily through Feb.11.

  My Show and Event Schedule

A quick recap of 2022​

 Our exciting new event in Tucson was our private room at the brand new in 2022 Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery, located in thecompletely remodeled building (formerly the Tucson Chamber of Commerce building) at the corner of Granada and St. Marys, in front of the former show site at the Inn Suites or Hotel Tucson City Center. The landscaped courtyard  provides a catered cafe and bar. In addition to being fully open during the Tucson Showcase each February, the building will be open Monday through Friday year-round by appointment. To make an appointment to see our room and Crystal Classics, call Stu at 928 308 6340. Purchases will be handled by the Crystal Classics staff in our absence. 

The hope is to make the Gallery (its short name) a full-time Tucson Destination site, particularly in conjunction with the Alfie Norville, University of Arizona Mineral Museum only a few blocks away. The facility will also hold special 'open weekends' that we will list incur schedule.














We  finished Plano, Texas (Dallas) show May 20-22.  This major national calibre show is in an excellent event center just north of downtown Dallas off US 75 (the Central Connecter). It was well attended in this new excellent location. We will be there again in May of 2023.


The 58th Annual Pikes Peak Gem, Mineral, and Jewelry Show in Colorado Springs was held on June 10-13 and set a new record for attendance. We stayed so busy that I didn't even get to see the displays. We expect to be back again next June.


In DENVER, we participated in the Hardrock Summit (HRS) - Evolution show again in the Colorado Convention Center (CCC) on Sept.8-11. We thank those of you who attended. The show was beautiful and surely it had the best ever displays of fine mineral specimens anywhere. The word SPECTACULAR certainly applies. 

Our fourth year of "Just Minerals" in Denver was very well received, however. We  have found a permanent home at the Summit Event Center in Aurora, CO, a nice venue that is not part of a hotel. Our customers had no trouble finding us and shoppers were there daily finding bargains. The brand new Courtyard by Marriott next door was a fine place to stay. We are on the calendar for 2023 at the Summit Center and will have additional big name dealers and probably a social evening.

The Gallery hosted its inaugural Special Event on November 18-20, 2022. Many of the dealer rooms (including Graeber & Himes) were open for business during the event. Arizona minerals were featured with lectures and field trips. 

The Just Minerals & Crystals Event Jan 28-30 at the Elks Lodge  across the Oracle Road from Mineral City (actually we were there before there was a Mineral City) has been the premier shopping spot for a wide variety of true wholesale minerals for many years. A small group of high quality dealers use it as a way to sell off individual minerals to make room of their latest inventory at their other shows in Tucson. Cal Graeber has a large new shipment of minerals from Tanzania for our booth. There will be a line of dealers in the parking lot before opening, but the show is open to collectors and dealers. First day sales are brisk, so be prepared to come back later in the day to get your purchases because dealers' staffs will be to busy writing up orders to pack them immediately. This is a Short Sweet Show with bargains galore that you won't find elsewhere. See us in Denver in September, too. Our shows are advertised on Xpo Press, the best place to get Tucson and Denver show information