Leonard Himes     Dealer in Fine Mineral Specimens

                                      My Show and Event Schedule

          The new Dallas/Frisco Mineral and Fossil Show on July 16-18,2021 in the Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas Frisco Hotel & Convention Center has come and gone. It was a beautiful venue, but the only time we will use it. The 2022 Rocky Mineral and Fossil Show will move to the excellent Plano Convention Center in nearby Plano, TX, another northern suburb of Dallas. The new venue is easier access from US 75, The Central Connecter, and has free parking in a parklike setting. You will be impressed. Mark you calendar for May 20-22. You can bet that the weather will be cooler than in July! I'll post more details next Spring.


      Also history is the third annual Denver Just Minerals & Crystals Event that was at the Marriott Hotel (Gateway Park in Aurora) the sister show of our long running event at the Elks Lodge in Tucson. We had happy dealers and the customers really like the venue. We hope to be able to hold the show there again next year but need to have the schedules set for the other events before we ask for a contract and work out details cause by the announce date change for the Hardrock Summit.


​     Speaking of the HARDROCK SUMMIT, the show happened despite all of our worries. Leonard Himes & GeokrazyMinerals co-operated in a larger booth in the EVOLUTION portion of the show. Evolution was designed as the Fine Minerals area and it was spectacular, to say the least! It was sort of sensory overload with booth after booth of amazing specimens for the top dealers in the US. Unfortunately, Covid restrictions eliminated foreign dealers and customers and cause the show to shrink to about two-thirds the palled size. But the unused ballroom was converted to a lecture hall with two days of excellent speakers. We thank all of our faithful customers who contributed to our financial success! We plan to be there again in 2022, but probably a week earlier in September, although the dates are still being negotiated. The show will increase in size with the addition of the gem and jewelry area of the show, the AGTA Gem and Jewelry trade show and the Sparkle and Joy show for the public to the Colorado Convention Center venue, both of which were in the Sheraton hotel a few blocks away this year. The Denver Gem and Mineral Show was also part of the event with wonderful cases for fluorites from the collection of Jim Gebel and Jim and Gail Spann. I understand the council that hosts the show is looking for a new home to replace the Merchandise Mart, but that is a tough job in Denver.

We had no time to rest after the Denver shows before setting up one of the best local shows in Colorado, The Pikes Peak Gem, Mineral, and Jewelry Show. This was year 57 for this event, so you know it is well done! Usually this show is held in June, but the sponsor, the Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society made the good decision to postpone until Autumn. The show was well attended with lines of customers outside before the doors opened daily. We had fun and so did they. For 2022, the show will return to its usual date in the first week of June. Colorado Springs is a great vacation center with nearby collecting and family activities. This would be a good time to start planning your vacation to include the show.


​Autumn is a period of no shows from us. We will be busy in the lab with specimen preparation jobs acquired in Denver and appraisal work. If you are in our area, you may make an appointment to view our inventory. We enjoy having visitors.


If you are looking for a particular specimen for you collection contact me and I will provide phots of what I have available or help you locate one elsewhere.


Our next shows will be in Tucson starting in late January. We will participate in the Just Minerals & Crystals Event at the Elks Lodge on Oracle (mostly wholesale pricing to all), our usual rooms at both the Mineral City complex and the Westward Look Fine Mineral Show and the all new Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery. Our schedule is so packed that we will not be able to be at the original Tucson Gem and mineral Show at the Tucson Convention Center for the first time in decades. We encourage you to support that show as we will, it is as must see event. There is more about Tucson shows on my blog page and I'll post more details here as we get closer to the dates.


​Enjoy the season and your collection.


         We  plan to be alive in 2022 and still be in business, you can count on our venues to have your and our safety in mind. Please get vaccinated if you plan to attend. Properly worn fabric face masks will be appreciated, just in case, in fact they may be required again by then. Remember, no vaccine is 100% effective. We will provide hand sanitizer and gloves and clean our facilities and cases often. Please cooperate and maintain safe physical distance from other shoppers.​​ 

                               Events won't "just happen", they will be planned so they will be safe!
Fortunately, internet activity is busy. I am working on Instagram with Anna Merritt (@Mineral_Nature) who has a well-established site. Please check it out.  My own Instagram address is @LeonardHimes2019, but I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm also posting occasionally on both the TSUMEB  and THUMBNAIL MINERALS groups on Facebook. You can find announcements from me on Facebook too, at www.facebook/leonardhimes.1. 

We host healthy customers in our showroom in Monument during the Summer and Fall. Visits must be scheduled in advance by phone or email. We require face masks if you are not vaccinated and recommend them if you are. No vaccine is 100% effective!  We are happy to show you specimens for sale, accept specimens for lab work, or have a pleasant visit on the deck.  We always accept special order requests by phone or email.

                                                 Enjoy your collection and being able to socialize again.