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We welcome appointments for showroom visits in Colorado when we are at home.

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Half of our large Mineral City room in 1973.

The entire show covers several city blocks with major concentration of dealers of many types.

         Recent Shows

  My Show and Event Schedule

The September Denver Showcase of gem, mineral and fossil shows happened as planned during the early weeks of September with something for everyone scattered around town. The weather was lovely and the turnout was good.

     We were amazed by the crowd at our Just Minerals & Crystals Event, considering that we had to change dates and the location just before the show. That speaks to the concerted effort by our fifteen dealers to spread the word and to the reputation of the show as the best place to find true wholesale pricing of specimens that buyers know will sell well and the few, but welcome, collectors who attend can find great deals. We are really excited to announce that we will return to the same Marriott Gateway Park hotel again in 2024. There will be some remodeling there during the year, so some dealers will be in different spaces, but we will enjoy being in the same convenient location again.

    The HardRock Summit show at the Colorado Convention Center downtown was once again a spectacular showing of incredible specimens by many of the world's top dealers. During the show the sponsors announced that the show will move in 2024. This will please customers who dislike the downtown location and the associated parking issues and please the dealers who dislike the hassle associated with loading in and out of the difficult facility. The sponsors are happy, too, because the CCC is a very expensive venue and they will be able to reduce the dealers' fees and have happier dealers! The new venue is the Westin Hotel in Westminster, in the northwest part of Denver with easy access and a huge free parking lot anrooms much less expensive than downtown. 

                                      ​​​​         Next Up

Our regular show season ends in September with the Denver events. So I devote most of my time to lab work and preparation for the Tucson events in early 2024.

For 2024 our schedule in Tucson includes Minerals City with Geokrazy in our regular room in Building C and also at the Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery in our regular Graeber & Himes room.

I plan to be open early at Mineral City with much reduced price inventory on Saturday and Sunday January 20-21. This sort of makes up for me  not being at Just Minerals and should serve the needs of early wholesale shoppers who wanted us to open earlier than we could last year. We will reopen the room as Leonard Himes and Geokrazy Minerals in our normal format on Jan 25 one day before the official opening. The MC room will have modified hours during Just Minerals; we will post notices with the dates and times. We apologize for that, but we don't have staff enough to cover three venues at the same time.

There will also be another edition of the wildly popular Tucson Just Minerals and Crystals Event, Jan 27-29 at the Elks Lodge opposite Mineral City on Oracle Road with a small group of top dealers with real wholesale pricing and open to all. A short sweet show with bargains for all. The line forms early and the crowd is dense with the number of entries limited by the building limit. Cal Graeber will be there, but I will be tending one of our other venues.

The Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery is a year-round operation open Monday though Friday from 10 AM-4 PM. It is located at the corner of St Marys and Granada. This is at the entrance to the Inn Suites/Hotel City Center where there was formerly a large show, but is now apartments.The Crystal Classics room is the central portion of the show, but the Graeber & Himes room is open as well. Crystal Classics staff will help you with viewing and purchasing from the extensive stock we leave there between events.

During the Tucson Showcase the Graeber & Himes room will be open from Jan 26-Feb 10 showing our finest specimens from 10AM-6 PM. We are joined there by a small but exclusive group of worldwide major dealers in minerals, and mineral arts.  During this period there will be special exhibits in the Gallery changing frequently, as well as many lectures by prominent collectors. Be sure to drop back frequently to see what is new. The Crystal Courtyard will be open daily for lunch and libation. It has become the place to meet friends and relax during the Tucson Showcase. Admission to all public events is free, but there are some fundraisers with fees and by-invitation-only events.

Twice yearly, the Gallery has Open Weekends with speakers and special events. Linda and I were there

November 17-19 for the  2023 Fall Open Weekend. Think of these as symposia and attend one if you can. See the Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery website for details. It is a relaxed and fun weekend with several dealers open and multiple lectures. Admission is free but you should register online to reserve a seat in the lectures.. It also follows the excellent New Mexico Tech Mineral Symposium which is held the prior weekend, so the two events can easily pair. It is an easy one-day drive from Socorro, NM to Tucson. Please check the NMT Symposium website for details and online registration.

When we are in Monument (between Denver and Colorado Springs on I-25) we enjoy having visitors by appointment. Our showroom is always stocked with a wide ranges of fine minerals in all  prices. Please consider arranging a visit if you are in Colorado in December.

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