I conduct a major portion of my business at the most important shows across the US. Between shows and en route to them I call on individual collectors by appointment. I can also arrange to have private showings for small groups of collectors. In addition to shows, I host open house events from time to time and meet with collectors at my office-showroom by appointment.

My Show and Event Schedule

Leonard Himes     Dealer in Fine Mineral Specimens

                        2019 Summer Shows  

The Western Dakota Gem & Mineral Society's 39th  Annual Gem & Mineral Show, Rapid City, SD, July 13-14.

 at Best Western Ramkota Inn, 2111 N LaCrosse.

       We began our summer in Rapid City, SD at the show's new location. The show as well attend and the venue was very nice. While most of our specimens are at a level above most of the local collectors they were well received and we enjoyed answering their questions. Sales were good and we plan to return in 2020.

 The East Coast Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show in the Eastern States Exposition Center (the Big E)

 in West Springfield, Massachusetts, August 9-11

After a nice visit to Maine for a tour of the nearly ready to open Maine Mineral and Gem Museum Maine in Bethel with curator Carl Frances and visits with local collectors and three mines, I went to Springfield for the largest show on the east coast. The special exhibit of thirty cases of minerals from the collection of the museum at New Mexico Tech was worth the price of admission. Next year our good friend and customer Dr. Jim Gebel will the exhibitor with his fabulous fluorites. 

Gem Miners Jubilee in Lebanon, PA at the Lebanon County Fairgrounds, August 16-18.​

          On the return trip to Colorado, I  stopped at this long-running show for my first booth inside the excellent exhibition hall. The show had a well chosen group of dealers with something for everyone. The crowd was large and friendly and we had a good time and good sales.

Just Minerals Event,  in the Embassy Suites,  4444 North Havana Avenue, Denver, CO, Sept. 7&8

         After completing the return trip home, with a short break to attend the Dallas Mineral Symposium and Heritage Auction of specimens from Rck Currier's collection, I am preparing for this NEW in 2019 show right at exit 280 on I-70 on the weekend before the Denver Main Show. This beautiful venue is located four miles west of the Colorado Mineral and Fossil Show at the Crowne Plaza for your convenience (www.coloradomineralandfossilshows.com). I'll be there in the Cal Graeber and Leonard Himes booth with lots of bargain priced specimens. Cal has a newly arrived batch of amethyst specimens from Zimbabwe and I will have a large selection of worldwide specimens at half price or less. We invite you to stay in this excellent facility taking advantage of the large suits and excellent restaurant. We expect to be mobbed at the 10 AM opening like we are in Tucson, so come ready for a crowd.

















           For those of you who are not familiar with the Just Mineral Event in Tucson, this new show is an extension of the Tucson show that we started several years ago at the Elks Lodge on Oracle Road. There were a number of high-quality dealers who participate in other shows in Tucson (such as Westward Look and the TGMS Main Show) who wanted a venue for a shorter show particularly directed at selling at wholesale prices to everyone. This past February the group, which operates as a co-op, asked me to explore expanding to Denver. Isaias Casanova and I checked out several possible venues and were happy to find the Embassy Suites with a nice facility and location. Because the ballrooms are more spacious that the Elks Lodge we were able to add new dealers, Dudley Blauwet’s Mountain Minerals International and Greg Turner’s Cornerstone Minerals. Due to logistics problems, our Tucson regular dealer Don Olson could not participate, but Ian and Diana Bruce's Crystal Classics from England will replace him with wholesale fluorite from their mines. No registration as a dealer is required for entry, but the shoppers without licenses must pay sales tax. Some of our dealers also elect to have a case or two of retail specimens as a preview for their other shows.

The Denver Gem and Mineral Show at the Merchandise Mart, Denver, CO Sept. 13-15


          Like Tucson, the festivities in Denver began with a club show, actually a multi-club show, organized by a council of members from several metropolitan Denver clubs. Today the Main Show  is the grand finale of a week of activities. This year the show features the Minerals of Canada. The show has grown rapidly in the past decade to become the second largest mineral event in the US. I’ll be there, as usual as Graeber & Himes on the main floor by Aisle J, in the onlyshow in town with special exhibits from a multitude of worldwide museums and many local and national collectors. As in Tucson, if you miss the Main Show you really haven’t seen the best. In addition to our finest mineral specimens, our booth also has Kerith Graeber’s jewelry and Bobbie Lang’s gemstone eggs, spheres, carvings and gemtrees. We always have things no one else displays, so be sure to drop by our booth.






















I have to say that this is a bit of a strange poster, but pretty. Canada has fabulous minerals. The Manitoba gypsum crystals shown here (with the real color at the top) are very nice, but not really representative. I guess they thought so, too. Today they sent some new posters. Enjoy!


      Denver is our last event of the year and we get to have some well-earned rest until it starts all over in Tucson. I'm even looking forward to my first chance to attend the Munich show, one more off the bucket list.!  

     There are many changes coming in Tucson. See my blog page for an update.

     When we are at home in Monument, we invite collectors to make appointments to visit our showroom. Email is best, but the phone works, too. Details are on my Home page.

     We also make stops to see collectors as we travel, so let us know if you would enjoy a private showing or would like to share your collection with us. When we know your collection, we can better serve you with suggestions for specimens that would be good additions to it.