The Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery Spring Open Weekend. May 12-14.​

                                   It ought to be called a Symposium!

If you missed the Spring event, you missed excellent lectures on Arizona locations by top Arizona field collectors. We had a pleasant weekend with relaxed time for conversations and dining on the patio. There will be another similar weekend in November, so look for the details that I will post as the time grows near. It might work nicely to combine an autumn trip to Socorro, NM for the excellent Symposium there and make the one day drive to Tucson  the Fall event at "the Gallery".

The Pikes Peak Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show in the Norris-Penrose Event Center, Colorado Springs, June  9-11.

This is our hometown show, as Monument is only about fifteen mile north. It is a fun show in a spacious facility and features many local field collectors with their recent finds. This is an excellent clip show and a great place to start a Colorado vacation trip. Thanks to the many new faces we saw at our booth and the repeated comment that we were the best in the show.

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​See us there again in 2024

Leonard Himes     Dealer in Fine Mineral Specimens

        The Texas Mineral & Fossil Show at the Plano Event Center in greater     Dallas, May 18-21.

This was the second year of this show in Plano for the Leonard Himes booth. We will have our same booth location as last year in the sunny Windhaven room with most of the show top dealers. The Plano Event Center is a wonderful location with lots of free parking free admission and a food concession. Thanks to those of you who attended and supported the A-list of mineral dealers. Promoter Sandra Gonzales did a great job of publicizing the show and we had lots of attendees who said this was their first ever mineral and fossil show. Extra thanks go to Sandra for 'growing a new crop' of collectors.

This show is in its third year and was created by the experienced folks who run the famous Munich Show in October. It consists of four separate sections, Evolution is a high-end mineral show, replacing the former Denver Fine Mineral Show at the Marriott in Golden. There are also Sparkle & Joy, a gem and jewelry show for the public and the AGTA trade show for the jewelry business. On the upper level, the management graciously provided free space for the Denver Gem & Mineral Show, sponsored by a group of Denver gem and mineral club's that was homeless following the closing of its long-time home in the Merchandise Mart. See the details at

​Linda and I will host the Leonard Himes booth (#947) in the Evolution section along with the finest dealers from the US and around the world. The layout is unlike any other US show making this the most beautiful mineral exhibition anywhere. You should treat yourself to this. Like the other vendors in the show I will be displaying my very best specimens, but keeping in mind that not every collector is a millionaire, I will have excellent affordable specimens for serious collectors.

Here is some eye candy I plan to have on display.

There are some Changes For 2023. To avoid the delay getting your badges for entrance, you may search for Hardrock Summit, then scroll down to Tickets and visitors and fill in the form. You will get you badge sent to your email address and be able to enter the hall FREE. I'm assured that there will be a food concession and a coffee shop available in the CCC this year, AND if you like, there will be Valet Parking on the east side of the building so you don't have to walk from a parking lot with your satchel of $100 bills to shop with me (or maybe others afterward) or worry about walking a distance with heavy of super valuable specimens that you found.

THE DENVER SHOWCASE, like the Tucson Showcase, is more than one show. There are many venues scattered around town. The venerable Merchandise Mart no longer exists, so if you haven't attended in a few years, you will find it a lot different. I recommend checking the Xpo Press Denver Show site to get all of the details. You'll see why Denver is the second largest Mineral Event in the US.


The Hardrock Summit -Evolution, at the Colorado Convention Center in happening downtown Denver.

September 15-18. Yes, it ends on a Monday, a first for a US show.

     From the Crowne Plaza to the Marriott.

Drive it in a minute or two or walk in a few more,

We welcome appointments for showroom visits in Colorado when we are at home.

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The Just Minerals & Crystals Event -Denver, Sept 9-11 at the Marriott Hotel Gateway Park in Aurora, Colorado. We were there in 2021. It is a few blocks for The Crowne Plaza Show.

           If you are checking back to see if our warning about a change was true, read on!

We learned in early August that the Summit Event Center, our proposed new-home-forever after our successful show there in 2022, has closed permanently. We had a hint about that, but expected to have a real warning. It happened instantly when the owner and staff were given three hours to pack and leave and the locks were changed. The property owner gave no  respect to the events that were scheduled, like the wedding, a day later, with 300 guests attending. Poor bride! At least we had time to search for a new venue. Because events are scheduled a year or more in advance, we had to be lucky and were. We were able to return to the Marriott hotel where we were in 2022. It is very near the excellent show at the Crowne Plaza. We could not get our exact dates, we had cut two days off because of prior bookings, but we did get plenty of space and will be open Saturday Sept 9 - Monday Sept 11 of the opening weekend of the Denver Showcase. We open at NOON on Saturday but stay open until 7 PM,

                                   See our XPO press page for more details and our dealer list.

This is the fifth year in Denver for a event that started in a garage in Tucson years ago and moved, eventually, to the Elks Lodge in the Mineral City district of Tucson. It was started by high quality dealers who needed a short show to sell off old inventory at discount prices. The philosophy remains the same but the show has expanded from the original Tucson three dealers to sixteen in Denver. All off excess merchandise, or import it directly jut for our shows. My associate, Cal Graeber, is currently processing choice crystals for East Africa that he imports personally, just for our show. I'm busy going through my inventory for nice crystals that were priced long ago and will be offered at keystone to all customers. Our dealers are experienced show dealers who use our show to sell off excess specimens and new purchases they can wholesale.  Dealers from the other shows are our top customers. We are sad that we can't open first this year as we had advertised, so they could shop before their shows. But on our first day Saturday Sept 9, we will open at noon and stay until 7 PM to let them shop late. Our prices are such that they know they will make money, and since we are open to the public, YOU can take advantage of our wholesale prices. We are particularly happy to have Mr. Tsumeb himself, Marshall Sussman, as a new vendor under his Crystal Cellar name and Dave Bunk has asked to join us too. Several of our dealers have dropped out of the Hardrock show and will attend only our show. In addition to they half price specimens, they will have their best specimens on display and certainly give you a reduced price when you find something you like.

The Graeber & Himes booth will have a new shipment from East Africa with lots of alexandrites and other gem crystals. I'll be showing lots of specimens just removed for my office cases and made half price. I'll also have reasonably priced retail specimens at 30% off and many inexpensive thumbnail minerals.

We can even get you a discount on a nice hotel room. You will find the information for your online reservation link below. 

Participating properties:
Denver Airport Marriott at Gateway Park
Aloft Denver Airport at Gateway Park
Residence Inn Denver Airport at Gateway Park
Courtyard Denver Airport at Gateway Park

       Book online at and enter code K6Y to get a 15% discount during our show.